Captains Address 2023

Dear fellow members,

It is a great honor and I am very proud to serve you all in 2023 as your Captain. I would like to thank Jim, for nominating me as his Vice-Captain, I am very grateful to him for giving me this opportunity of serving you all.

Templemore Golf Club held their AGM on Friday last 9th December and a big thank you to all who attended in the very poor weather conditions. The AGM was a very successful event and the following Officers and committee were elected;

Men’s Templemore Golf Club Committee 2023
President Rody Cawley
Vice-Captain Les Mason
Hon Secretary Pat O’Connell
Hon Treasurer Tom McGrath
Hon Handicap Secretary Michael Purcell
Hon Competition Secretary Sean Lee
Communication Officer – PRO Tony O’Toole
 Ex Officio Jim Ryan
Ex Officio Michael Purcell
Committee Member  Declan Russell
Committee Member Timmy Tuohy
Committee Member Jerome Ryan
Committee Member Eamon Connelly

I wish Rody, our President, a very enjoyable and memorable year ahead. I also want to take this opportunity to thank Les for accepting the Vice-Captaincy and I’m look forward to working very closely with him in the year ahead. I want to sincerely thank all the Officers for committing again to 2023. I’m also delighted to welcome our three new committee members Eamon, Timmy and Jerome. Thank you also Declan for staying on for another year. Thank you, Donal, Bertie and Denis, for your contribution to the committee in 2022 and your pledge again to help me if required. I am looking forward to working with all the committee in 2023, together we can make this a very memorable and productive year for Templemore Golf Club. I would also like to wish the Lady Captain for 2023 Mary Gilmartin a very pleasurable year ahead and we will undoubtably work together as a team for the benefit of the club.

This is the first year of our long-term lease and Templemore Golf Club being a limited company. With this new structure we have many new and greater responsibilities than before. Many new policies and procedures will be introduced that we will have to follow.  There will be extra costs that the club will have to meet such as clubhouse maintenance, insurance, electricity etc. However; the great thing now is our club can plan long-term with this new autonomy we have acquired.

Things are moving very quickly in golf with new policies and guidelines from GUI having to be adhered to.  We are moving to one golf for all and this is now policy by GUI for funding etc. However, we should not just be doing it just because it is policy, but because we know it is the right thing to do. From now on this club will be focused on moving towards being governed by both ladies and gents within a joint management committee. This year both committees will work very closely together to . establish an inclusive governance structure that meets the requirements of GUI and all Templemore members.

We also have to replace the constitution to meet the new Limited Company structure and the needs of the club moving forward this will then be presented to you members at a Special General Meeting. Change can be slow, but we as a committee will work very hard to move things along. These are very challenging, exciting and positive times for Templemore Golf Club and I’m looking forward to playing my part as Captain for 2023.

This club is your, the members club, and I believe we can take it to new heights now and build on all the great work provided by past members and committees. A club would be nothing without good staff and feet on the ground and we have that now in abundance. I look forward to working closely with Dinny, Pat, our Course Manager and all the members who contribute to getting the course to the high standard we are now accustomed too.

Finally, I would like to say that if anyone would like to talk to me about anything pertaining to the golf club, I am always here for you, in confidence. I know I may not always get things right this year, but I can guarantee you one thing, I will give my captaincy for 2023 everything I can on behalf of all members within this golf club.

Yours sincerely

Declan Kennedy