Golf Course Lockdown 21st Oct 2020

Golf Course Lockdown 21st Oct 202.

Club Captain, Tom McGrath.

“Bad news this evening with golf falling victim to Level 5 restrictions. This is tough to take given that it applies to the 26 counties only.  Debate on the matter is not for this forum as it is a Government decision with no option but to comply.  We have achieved a lot since getting back to action after the Spring lockdown. This was not an accident but rather, a tribute to members and visitors alike for their support and full compliance with the various protocols that came our way. It meant everybody got to play in a totally safe environment with huge numbers almost, every day. Thanks to all for your contribution which is much appreciated and not in vain.

It is hoped that time might see a reprieve but for the moment continue to do as you have done so far in 2020, stay safe and you will be kept updated. Regards to all, Tom McGrath