News up to Sunday 11th Feb 2024

Photo 1:  Templemore Golf Club Former Captain Declan Kennedy passing the Baton (Golf Ball) to Captain Les Mason.

Photo 2;  Templemore Golf Club Former Women Captain Mary Gilmartin passing the Baton (Golf Ball) to Captain Caroline Fogarty

Photo 3;  Templemore Golf Club Former President Rody Cawley passing the Baton (Golf Ball) to President Tommy Foley




Captains Drive-in.

11/02/24. At One 0’clock after very inclement weather the heavens opened back with blue skies to give both Captains Les Mason, Caorline Fogarty and President Tommy Foley a clear shot at No1 fairway sponsored by Duggans Bros.  Despite the inclement weather there was a fantastic turnout for the occasion which is testament of the support for both captains and president.  An official blessing for all and the Course was performed by Fr. Domonic. Both Captains and President then gave a short appreciation to all who attended, thanked them for their support and looked forward to this inaugural “One Golf for All “ year.  The Baton (Golf Ball) was handed over to Captain Les Mason by former Captain Declan Kennedy, and to Women’s Captain Caroline Fogarty by former captain Mary Gilmartin and to President Tommy Foley by Former President Rody Cawley.  All then assembled to the club house for a very welcome spread of beverages and an enormous Cake engraved with the Golf Club No 1 fairway which was jointly sponsored and cut in marriage by both Captains, a wonderful occasion.  All then contributed to the 50/50 draw which has been running for several years to increase revenue for machinery.  A very positive project for the club.  The winner was Club Communications/P.R.O. Tony O’ Toole.  €100.