Original documents that formed Templemore Golf Club

Historical Documents

President Rody Cawley at the 2023 AGM unveiled a historical wall mounted presentation of original documents relating to the initiative that formed Templemore Golf Club.  A proud gratitude to those pioneers who initiated this notification, otherwise we would not have Templemore Golf Club here today.  Included in the presentation are a historical notification circulated in the Garda College for the purpose of forming a “Garda Training Centre Golf Club” at 8.30pm on 28th. Sept.1971.  Minutes from the 1st. meeting to form our Golf Club on 28th. Sept 1971  in the Courtroom of the Garda Centre, Chaired by our eminent member Sgt. Pat Costello.  The 1st.. AGM held on 22nd Feb 1980 in the Staff Canteen of the Garda College.  There are lot’s of familiar names who attended this AGM including our eminent members Pat Dunne and John Moloughney.

by P.R.O. Tony O’ Toole.