News up to Sunday 26th January 2020

 Templemore Golf Club Renowned Team, Tony O Toole Captain 2019,  Pat Costello Founder Member Chairman 1971 and Captain in 1987, Tom McGrath Captain 2020,  PJ Leahy Captain 2007.


Templemore Golf Club News; 


Captains Drive-in Reminder; Sunday 2nd. February @ 1pm.  Captain Tom McGrath Drive-in.  Mark this as a special day in your Golf Calendar to celebrate the official Golf Year 2020 in Templemore Golf Club.


Ongoing Competition;  3 Man Waltz, 9 holes, Starts on the 27th. Jan to 9th. Feb;  1 to count on the 1st.  2 to count on the 2nd.  3 to count on the 3rd. 1 to count on the 4th. 2 to count on the 5th. 3 to count on the 6th. 1 to count on the 7th.  2 to count on the 8th. 3 to count on the 9th.   Placing Everywhere.  Fee. €3 per player.  Bunkers out of play. Note;  Tee Box Changes to no 2 and 4.  Comp. Sec. Dinny Touhy. 085-2842067.


Seniors Thursday 23rd. Jan.  It was great to see over 30 seniors taken part in today’s competition with most players hitting it out of sight into the fog conditions, and they’re all noted big hitters either. The results were very close, in 1st. place with 52pts. on a count back were Frank Lysaght, Seamus Ryan, Tom McGrath, & Donal Golden.  2nd. also with 52pts. were Seamus Bourke, Tom Hogan, and Michael Murphy.  3rd. place with 51pt, were Joe O’Connor. Pascal Whelan. John Galvin. & Sean Gleeson.  The standard of Golf by the seniors is consistently high each week, with 52pts been the score to beat.


Golf Fees payment options for 2020; 

  • Place Payment in “Brown Fee Envelope” leave into “FEE BOX” in locker room.

Include Name, Category, Amount and date on the Envelope.

Select your Category, select the “Buy Now” and proceed.

  • Pay by, “On-Line Banking Transfer”.  Set up “New Payee”

Use IBAN; IE21BOFI90445678133532, BIC; BOFIIE2D. and proceed.

  • If any difficulty contact Tony by text @ 086-8209991.


Getting Back to Golf 2020;  A New Year of Golf 2020 especially this historical Autonomy year there will be lots of Golf competitions ahead on this wonderful Golf Course continuing with a winter 9 hole Stableford ongoing competition.  As the days are getting longer there will be lots of opportunities to play this great game, GOLF.  Special Joining fees and Vouchers are available contact Tony, 086-8209991.


Special Fees for 2020.  There is a “Special Rate” for beginners which is guaranteed not to change for 3 years.  This is very attractive for anyone new interested in joining and for those purchasing vouchers to give a life changing experience to someone.  New members are now been accepted.  All current members are encouraged to introduce at least “ONE NEW MEMBER” Lady or Gent, Junior or Student, Seniors Juveniles and Family, Active Retiree’s, Special Needs or any person interested in taking up the sport.  It will be a huge advantage to building the club membership and profile especially now that the club will have its own autonomy.


“Cadets Membership 2020” ;   You can join the Golf Cadets anytime from the age of 8 to 13 Boys and Girls and Cadet youths Age 14 to 18 Boys and Girls.   All members who have a junior family member that has an interest in Golf should encourage them to call in on Wed and Friday’s.  If new to the game, clubs will be made available to those that do not have them.  This is an opportunity to build members for the future of the Club.  All training will be in association with CGI (Confederation of Golf Ireland) guidelines and will continue throughout the year.  Do your best to promote this venture.  A special practice range is now in place for the Cadets.  Contact Pat O’ Connell. 087-9205821 Club Juvenile Liaison Officer. Come along if you are interested in playing Golf


Cadet Training;  Training will continue as soon as the weather improves.


A fantastic Welcome back to Lapsed Members for 2020; A special rate for “Lapsed Members” will continue throughout the year.  A “welcomed back” once-off, special rate for Gents €200 and Ladies €170.  This is a great opportunity for golfers, Ladies and Gents who want to return to this great social game.

All current members are encouraged to promote this offer to help those that want to return to the Club.   Registrations Forms are now available on-line on our web site, just select the “Membership” tab and it will give you the option to pay by Credit Card. or collect an application form at the club house or contact Martin Bohan 087 0509278 or any of the committee members.   Payment options can also be made through the Golf Club web site link;    All will be more than welcomed.


Make Golf a Life Changing New Year Gift for 2020;   Give a life changing Sport experience to someone.  The Ideal gift for anyone who would like to take part in an active exercise sport.  Golf is that Ideal Gift.  Buy a membership Voucher now.  Contact Martin Bohan 087 0509278 or any of the committee for to purchase the “Ideal Active Present”.


Golf Active in Retirement for 2020;  For the active retirement, this is an excellent activity.  You will be more than welcome.

Why Join;

  • Good Outdoor Exercise; 9 holes + 2hrs.  18 Holes = 4hrs.
  • Good Social occasions, Presentation Nights, Social Mixed, Senior Events and Away Trips.
  • The Handicap System allows members of different abilities an equal chance of winning.
  • Various Category of Memberships are available at different rates.  ( see Membership rates on our web site).

The club will assist you in starter clubs to get you going.  Contact any current member for assistance and you will be looked after.


Private Donations for Course Development;  Donations, sponsorship, will be greatly received now that the club will have its own autonomy and will be used exclusively for Course Development.  Put your stamp on the course making a special contribution.  For Donations, Just select the “FEE” tab and then select “Make a Donation” tab on the Club Web Site , or in confidence contact; Martin Bohan 087 0509278.


FEES for 2020;  The Rates for 2020 are as follows;  Gent Membership,  €350;  Lady Membership, €300;  Couple,  €500;  Country Member,  €150;  Beginner Gent (Guaranteed not to change for 3 years) €200;  Beginner (Lady),  (Guaranteed not to change for 3 years) €170;  Juvenile (U15),  €25;  Juniors (15-18yrs. 2nd. Level) €50;  Student 3rd. Level & Garda Students,  €100;  OAP/Clergy (Existing),  €230;   OAP/Clergy (New),  €270;  OAP Couple (Existing & New),  €350;  Unemployed at 1st Jan,  €270;  Social Welfare Recipients and special needs, €270;  Distance (Outside 50K Lady & Gents),  €150;  Family (Children under 15yrs.),  €500;  Green Fees (not reduced for 9 holes), €10;  Green Fees; Junior, Juvenile, Student and Garda Student,  €10;



3 Man Waltz, 9 holes,

Starts on the 27th. Jan to 9th. Feb; 

Entry Fee;  €3 per player.

Placing Everywhere, Bunkers out of play.