News up to Sunday 21st January 2018

Templemore Golf Club News;


Templemore Golf Club Future Assured by Ministerial Meeting.  A fact finding meeting on the future of Templemore Golf Course in relation to future developments by the Garda College through the Office of Public Works was held in the Golf Club Lounge on Friday 19th February at 10am. with a site visitation by the Minister of State for the Office of Public Works, Mr. Kevin (Boxer) Moran TD.

The meeting was very cordial and robust.  A presentation from Templemore Golf Club was delivered by former Captain and Club Communication Secretary, Mr. Martin Bohan on the need for direct communication with the OPW to be established as soon as possible so that the club can plan its future.  Lots of concerns were expressed on this issue from other club members, Conor Scott, Tom McGrath, Pat O’Connell, Liam Leahy and Club President Phil Ryan also highlighting the commitment by all members on a voluntary bases to the upkeep of the property and the enormous cost to the maintenance of the club by the club members and their voluntary time over the years.

The Minister replied, very robustly, that the club now have a direct communication with his department and he gave his assurance that the department of the OPW will fully support the continuation of Templemore Golf Club so that it can secure its future.

Mr. Allen Kelly TD also made a submission that the continuation of Templemore Golf Course will be fully supported by him into the future and expressed concerns on the overall parking dilemma in relation to Health and Safety on the site which needs to be addressed.

Mr. Michael Lowry also made a submission on his continued support for Templemore Golf Club and expressed that he has made introductions to the OPW and the Garda College on other land site options that would favour any future development of the Garda College.

Finally it was expressed by PRO Tony O’Toole that Templemore Golf Club is another Jewel in the Crown of Templemore and its future as a legacy for the youth of Templemore and environs and should be protected at all times.


Government officials in attendance were; Minister of State for the Office of Public Works Mr. Kevin (Boxer) Moran TD.  OPW officer. Mr. Derek Davaney.  Mr. Allen Kelly TD.  Mr. Michael Lowry TD.  Mr. Jackie Cahill TD.  Councillors; Joe Bourke and Eddie Moran.

Representing Templemore Golf Club; President, Philip Ryan Snr. Communication Secretary, Martin Bohan.  Hon. Secretary, Pat O’ Connell.  Hon. Treasurer, Tom McGrath.  Competition Secretary, Liam Leahy. PRO. Tony O’Toole and Sub Committee, Conor Scott.


Captains Drive-in.  The Captains drive in will take place on Sunday 4th. Feb.

All members are expected to support our Club Captains, Tommy Foley and Sara Hearne and make this a great solidarity start and support for the club for 2018.


Open 9 Hole Fixture;  Due to the continuous bad weather the 9hole S/Ford Open competition will continue until further notice.  Come in and play at any-time that suits you and you will be guaranteed a game.  Fee; €5.  Re-entry  €3.  All are welcome.


Spring League;  The spring league is ready to commence once the weather settles.  Names are now required onto the list on the notice board.  Get you name in as soon as possible as there will be no delay on the start of the league.


Your Membership is now due.  The following Rates are to make the Game of Golf affordable to all sectors of the community both home and away.  Don’t delay and get your payment in as soon as possible. Gent; €350.  Lady; €300.  Couple; €500.  Country Member; €150.  Beginner, Gent;(Annual Rate for 3 years).  €200. Beginner, Lady;(Annual Rate for 3 years).  €170.  Junior:  (15-18yrs.-2nd Level)  €50.  Student:  (3rd. Level & Student Garda.)   €70.   OAP/Clergy, Existing;  €230.   OAP/Clergy, New: €270.  OAP/ Couple, Existing;  €350.   OAP/ Couple. New;  €350.  Unemployed; at the 1st. Jan.  €270.  Distance Members; (Lady & Gent, Outside 50k) €150.  Juvenile;   (Under 15yrs.)  €25.  Family;  (Children under 15yrs.)  €500.  Green Fees; (No reduction for 9 hole)   €10. Green Fee; Junior Juvenile or Student   €5.   Entry Fee;  Suspended  Membership can be made direct to the club or distance membership and private subscriptions can be made online on the club web site;


Ideal present for new members;  Gift Vouchers make the ideal present for Membership, Birthdays, Weddings, Anniversaries, Special Occasions or Corporate Incentive Presentations and Team Building for seasoned golfers, beginners and those that want to take up the Game of Golf;  Visit our Web Site and order your voucher by selecting the “Membership” tab and scroll down to the “Voucher” button and order it on-line or contact the club number; 0504 31400 or any committee member or email;


Golf is a Great Social Sport so Why Join;

  • Good Outdoor Exercise; 9 holes + 2hrs.  18 Holes = 4hrs.
  • Good Social occasions, Presentation Nights, Social Mixed, Senior Events and Away Trips.
  • The Handicap System allows members of different abilities an equal chance of winning.
  • Various Category of Memberships are available at different rates.  (Membership rates are on our web site).
  • Full Annual Membership €350 = Approximately, only 95c. per day.

New members are the lifeline of the club, so all existing members are encouraged to tell all your friends to take up membership and test their skills on this challenging Golf course.  Registrations Forms for new members are now available on-line on our web site, or at the club house or contact Martin Bohan 087 0509278 or any of the committee members.  All are welcome.


Seniors Report ; Due to bad weather conditions it was not possible to play on Thursday  18th.  All seniors wish the best of luck and a speedy recovery to John Stapleton on his hip operation.  We all look forward to seeing you back in action John as soon as possible.


Winter Clean-up of Bunkers; Bunkers now need to be cleaned and the winter look taken off them by raking and weeding.  Just call in and get on with the work”.

Golf Swing Thought for the week;  “Pretend there’s a pressure gauge under your left foot and push down as hard as you can as you bring the club down.”- Hunter Mahan


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